The University of Vigo is a public and autonomous institution that during its 25 years of existance has made a bet on excellence to become an innovative reference within the university system in teaching, basic and applied research, management and technology transfer of science and knowledge, internationalization of its activities and the full integration with the environment.

The University of Vigo has a large experience in marine and maritime research. Most of this expertise revolves around the International Campus of Excellence “Campus do Mar” ( promoted and coordinated by the University of Vigo, with more than 3500 researchers from 25 R&D institutions from the Euroregion Galicia-Northern Portugal. It represents a R&D aggregation in the fields of Ocean Sciences and Technology with an international projection, under the umbrella of the Ocean as an unifying element and a competitive advantage. It intends to be the dynamic force behind a transnational and integrated network of research, education and technology transfer units, supported by the Galician-North of Portugal main stakeholders.

Two research groups from the University of Vigo take part in this project, GPI (Image Processing) and I-MARK (Marketing and Market Research).


Universidade de Vigo
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