The LitterDrone project is executed by a multidisciplinary team, to which recent post-graduates have been incorporated, with the support of researchers and representatives of the business world and civil society.

The team is formed by the following entities:


The University of Vigo is a public university that, in its more than 25 years of existence, has made a commitment to excelence in order to become a beacon of innovation both in teaching and in basic and applied research, technology transfer in science and knowledge, the internationalization of its activities and its complete integration on its environment.

Two research groups of the University of Vigo take part in this project, GPI (Image Processing Group) and I-MARK (Marketing and Market Research).



AEBAM (Asociación Española de Basuras Marinas – Spanish Marine Litter Association) is a non-for-profit entity devoted exclusively to the issue of marine litter.

Founded in 2015, AEBAM gathers amongst its members associations and professionals that strive to contribute to the prevention and reduction in the amount and impact of waste in the marine environment.


GRAFINTA S.A. is a company founded in 1964 that offers the most advanced technological services and equipments in different engineering areas such as Topography, Cartography, Hydrography, Oceanography…

GRAFINTA has representation agreements with some of the more important world brands of scientific and technical equipment for the supply of services, support and maintenance. It offers as well a certified workshop for the provision of technical assistance, maintenance and repairs to its customers.